Safety Auditors

play a key role in the health, wellness and safety of all Albertans.

Promotion of safe working conditions and compliance with regulations are key components of health and safety in the workplace. An audit is an essential tool in identifying the strengths and weaknesses within a safety management system.

A professional auditor is a high-performance individual experienced in various disciplines. They are talented individuals who consistently demonstrate the highest level of confidentiality, professionalism and integrity while providing their clients with guidance and direction in the elimination or mitigation of hazards and/or unsafe (or potentially unsafe) working conditions.

AOSAA Board of Directors

Meet the AOSAA Team

AOSAA’s Board of Directors has over 75 collective years of hands-on experience in the development, management and auditing of health and safety management systems. This collective depth and breadth of experience enables the Board to understand the challenges and opportunities faced by Membership. Because we understand these challenges, we strive to identify resources and training opportunities to maintain and support continual improvement and contribute to professional development.

The Board members are involved in a diverse cross-section of industry including Manufacturing, Oil and Gas and temporary employment services. This diversity provides a unique opportunity to share best practices and experiences within and between different industries, often leading to creative and unforeseen solutions to common problems. No matter the industry, the challenges within a health and safety management system are the same.

Diversity is our strength, and opportunity for continual growth and professional development of auditing as a profession is our collective goal.


Dec 14/20

The 2021 Certificate of Recognition (COR) program update is posted on our Resources page. 

Dec 12/20

Dec 2/20

Survey for Members: We have created a survey to gauge interest in AOSAA, with specific questions about our website design and content. 

Dec 1/20

Upcoming AGM scheduled for Dec 5/20, from 10:30 – 11:30 AM. Download the Agenda.

Sep 3/20

AOSAA is pleased to introduce our new website! It has been long in the making, and definitely worth the wait. We recognized that our website is the perfect opportunity to connect with our Membership, Certifying Partners and Strategic allies, and wanted to ensure that the content was value add, current and on-point for safety auditors working in the ever changing environment that is industry today.

Please browse our pages, and check back often.  Content will be updated frequently to ensure that important information is being conveyed in a timely manner.

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