Newsletter March 2019

Cori Thiessen

Cori Thiessen

AOSAA Chair, Cori's safety career started in 2000 and her HSEQ experience encompasses Manufacturing, Entertainment and Hospitality, and Oil and Gas.

This month's newsletter brings us a message from the chair, along with news and updates about our upcoming AGM, redesigning our website and strategic partnerships.

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AOSAA Newsletter

Message from the Chair

We have had some major changes to our executive board. Our Chair Deb Hlushak has unfortunately stepped down as Chair for AOSAA. 

Deb has been working tirelessly as Chair for AOSAA and had to step down due to her organization setting up a manufacturing plant in Cambridge Ontario. You can well imagine that stepping down was a tough decision for Deb. With all of the Bill C-30 changes here in Alberta, as well as, trying to managing OHS in Ontario was an added stress factor for Deb.

Deb has agreed to stay on as our Past Chair and work on special projects for AOSAA. Our executive board would like to thank Deb for her unwavering commitment to AOSAA as former Chair. 

As a result, our Vice Chair Jeff Chorney was unanimously sworn in as our New Chairman on February 27, 2019. Cori Thiessen was elected and sworn in as Vice Chair and will also manage our membership. Eric Campbell will stay on as Treasurer and work behind the scenes on public relations.

Our board also accepted the resignation of Dawn Coulter as Secretary and Carole Phillips as our Communications Director. AOSSA would like to thank them both for their service in 2018. As a result Deb will back us up as Secretary and Jeff will work on the communications aspect for the board.

Jennyfer Harms from PIR will continue to liaison/support AOSAA as a partner. In other news, we have unofficially recruited 2 CP’s to sit on our board and we are currently working on a third. Stay tuned for the official announcement!

Feature News

Workshop/AGM Speaker

We are pleased to announce Jody Young our new Assistant Deputy Minister of Safe, Fair and Healthy Workplaces Division,
Alberta Labour, will be speaking at our next Workshop/AGM on Friday June 21st, 2019 to be held at the Manufacturers’ Health and Safety Association in Red Deer. Address: 54 Queensland Cres, Red Deer, AB T4P 0V2 PH: 403 343-0002

Redesigning Our Website

We are completely redesign our website. We hope to get it up and running before May 1st. Our site is going to be intuitive and meet the needs of our current membership. You will find a lot of resources to tap into once it’s up and running. As well our new newsletter and blog will reside on the new site and be updated regularly to keep all of you in-touch with the latest news, updates and developments.

New Partnership

Our new Chairman Jeff Chorney is working hard to align AOSAA with The Institute of Internal Auditors. Jeff has a scheduled meeting with the Edmonton Branch on April 18, 2019 to discuss a partnership with IIA.

Our Top Articles

Hello Auditors, Consultants, and Safety Professionals

Our Past Chair Deb Hlushak is working hard behind the scenes to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Todd Hall from the Auditors Association of Canada (AAC).

We are very excited about this and are looking to host a training session on the Certified Health and Safety Management Systems Auditor Certification (CHSMSA) during the week of our next AGM/Workshop in Red Deer to be held at the Manufacturers’ Health and Safety Association. Some of our members have already expressed interest. Please stay tuned, for an agenda to be sent out to all of our esteemed members.

More than you expect!

Our Chairman wants to ensure that AOSAA can offer professional training opportunities in the future. He is currently looking at purchasing the New Internal Audit Manager Bundle from IIA to instruct: 4 – one hour cutting edge sessions at upcoming workshops in the future. He is also working on communicating to all 13 Certifying Partners to rekindle the relationship AOSAA once had with most if not all of them.


Our Past Chair Deb Hlushak had applied to the Province of Alberta to see if AOSAA would qualify for an OHS Innovation Grant. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful. We’ll try again in 2020.

AOSAA Membership Renewal

By now you might have had the chance to renew some of your professional memberships for 2019. Our executive board made a conscious decision not to up our membership fees for 2019. We are asking if you could please renew your membership at our next scheduled workshop in Red Deer on June 21st, 2019. If you can’t make the workshop in June, then please log into our website and renew your membership before the end of June.

Our Focus for 2019-2020

By now you are thinking WOW, lots of changes going on not only in the Province of Alberta but beyond our borders. Our executive board has been trimmed down, we’re watching our spending and budget closely, and we still want to provide ‘the best bang for your buck.’ You have to admit our membership fees are very palatable these days. 

Our Treasurer Eric Campbell has been tasked with some public relations/fund raising initiatives to see about replenishing our bank account. Being a not for profit, AOSAA exists solely by taking in funds from our membership. Eric is hoping to get a membership drive up and running and we would like to target the Millennials.

Millennials are missing from our organization and you have to admit they’re the next generation of safety professionals / consultants / auditors. We need to reach out and get some new ideas and a new approach for the days ahead.

In Closing

So there you have it, lots going on this year for AOSAA. We hope to see you all on Friday June 21st at the Manufacturers Health and Safety Association in Red Deer Alberta. AGM/workshop starts roughly around 8:30 am. We will provide a hot breakfast at 7:30 am for all of you early risers, and lunch to all of our members who attend. 

Expect to see an agenda forwarded to you no later than April 30th so you can manage your busy schedules to attend our workshop.

Thank-you! For your continuing support in 2019. 

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