Nov 2020 – Message from the Chair

Cori Thiessen

Cori Thiessen

AOSAA Chair, Cori's safety career started in 2000 and her HSEQ experience encompasses Manufacturing, Entertainment and Hospitality, and Oil and Gas.

I hope you have had a chance to visit our new website. Read more about what's happening with AOSAA in Nov 2020 and find out about our AGM scheduled for Dec 5, 2020.

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AOSAA Newsletter

I hope you have had a chance to visit our new website and are as excited about it as we are! As promised, things are moving forward.

The next step under consideration in our digital journey is to enhance the website with an add-on feature – a ‘Members Only’ on-line community portal. This portal would not be viewable the casual (non-member) user who logs into the website. This portal would present a secure platform that will allow AOSAA to present information exclusive to members. In addition, the platform will provide a Members Profile directory that will provide personalized information about the membership. Personal information would be managed by the member; you show only the information that you choose to enter. Members can connect directly with other members and send private, confidential messages. The site can create social groups, blogs and much, much more. Anyone who is Interested can learn more at

In addition to the social aspect, the BuddyBoss platform would also facilitate online meetings such as the annual AGM. It is unlikely at this time that we will have an opportunity to meet face to face in the determinate future and having the ability to connect virtually will be vital to the success of AOSAA.

Before we make the leap into the site, we need to know if this is value add to Membership. Access to this portion of the site would be included in the annual AOSAA membership fee as an added feature that is exclusive to our members. We want to hear from you! Please send a email indicating your level of interest – very interested; somewhat interested; not interested to or

If Membership indicates that the add-on Members Only portal is something the majority of AOSAA members are interested in, the Board would need to expand to include a Communications Director to not only oversee and manage this portion of the website, but also to assist with ensuring the main website content is current and reflects the needs and interests of Membership. Anyone who is interested can contact the AOSAA Board at or

AOSAA's Upcoming AGM - Dec 5/20

AOSAA’s annual general meeting will take place virtually this year. The meeting is scheduled for Saturday, December 5 from 10:30 – 11:30AMDownload the Agenda here. Join the meeting on Zoom here. Meeting ID: 763 7628 7109 Passcode: 3eG81V 

The meeting will include updates from the Board regarding the current status of the Association, with a short period for questions from Membership. The formal agenda will be sent out in early November and will also be available on the website. A longer, more comprehensive meeting including featured guest speakers will be scheduled in Q2 of 2021. This timeline will allow us to learn how successful the virtual platform will be in reaching our members and make necessary adjustments prior to the second meeting featuring special guests.

We are very excited about the new direction that AOSAA is moving towards and look forward to travelling with you on this journey.

Stay safe, stay sane and stay healthy.

Cori Thiessen
Chairman of the Board

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