Q1 2021 – Message from the Chair

Cori Thiessen

Cori Thiessen

AOSAA Chair, Cori's safety career started in 2000 and her HSEQ experience encompasses Manufacturing, Entertainment and Hospitality, and Oil and Gas.

Our Chair provides a recap of the current state of affairs for AOSAA as we close out the first quarter of 2021 and continue to move forward in difficult circumstances. Read inside for news about our Membership Director position and we’ve scheduled our first Virtual Networking Event in June.

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AOSAA Newsletter Update

The Only Constant in Life Is Change.


It is said that without change there can be no growth. 2020 was a year of tremendous change, and the challenges presented did result in forced growth for many of us. As auditors, physical distancing requirements established in 2020 to address growing concerns of the spread of a global pandemic resulted in the introduction of ‘Documentation Only’ audits. Enter 2021, and the trend continues, with the allowance for companies to conduct documentation only audits; documentation and (remote) interview audit; or full audits (documentation, interview and site observations) provided strict guidelines are followed and safety precautions are met. It is unclear at this time if this change will become permanent, or if pre-pandemic practices will be brought back. Regardless, COR auditing practices will continue to evolve to meet the requirements of PIR and the Certifying Partners.

2021 has also brought change to the AOSAA leadership team. Colleen Manderville, Membership Director, has made the difficult decision to step away from her duties on the Board. Colleen has been a long-time member of AOSAA, and joined the Board in late 2019 to assume the role of Membership Director.

Colleen will be relocating to Lethbridge in the coming months. This move, coupled with additional responsibilities added to her full-time role as Manager, Health, Safety and Quality has left her with limited time and resources to devote to volunteer activities. The decision to step aside from her role was not made lightly, and it speaks to Colleen’s personal integrity that she did not feel she should continue to fulfill a role that she cannot commit to fully.

On behalf of the Board, I wish to thank Colleen for her contributions to the team during her time on the Board. Colleen will remain an active member of AOSAA.

The Membership Director position is currently open. This position is open to all current members of AOSAA. Anyone interested in the role can contact any of the Board members, or submit an email expressing interest to Chair.aosaa@gmail.com.

In other news, the first AOSAA Virtual Networking event will be held in June 2021. Check our Training and Events page for full details.

On behalf of the Board I would like to welcome our new members, and say ‘Thank You’ to existing members who continue to support the organization. Although there have been many, many changes since the inception of AOSAA in 2005 the goal of promoting auditing as a profession remains the same.

Stay safe, stay sane, and stay healthy. We’re all in this together, and together we will get through it.

Cori Thiessen,

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